New Years Resolutions So Far?

new years resolutions  I am sure every single person think at least for a short about things to improve and learn in the New Year. I did too. I made my resolution for 2014 and hoped that I can actually really stick to these and next year see myself somewhere else. Because when you are not happy about something you have to do something about it and the best way is to set yourself a target you want to reach.

How do my resolutions go so far?

I thought is really useful to do a little feedback on my resolution earlier than in 12 months. So, here I write after 3 months of new year. I have to say that I am pleased about myself pushing some projects to start and I am even actively keeping them going. However, I think my efforts could have been even better. I noticed lately that I am somehow getting lazy or slower in taking actions and my determination is not so great anymore. Perhaps this is what happens with all your resolutions! We give it kick start and then somehow linger being pleased to have started but not putting anything more into it.

It is time to refresh resolutions!

I figured, that I need to work on brisk start of some actions again from the beginning. This time however it will be easier because I have already started. This should basically enable me to get one step ahead and get closer to my goal. Because guess what, I was looking through some pictures from 3 years ago and it reminded of my mind set at that time and basically it was similar or even same at some points like now. The problem is that nothing has changed that much like I was hoping it will in 3 years period of time.

It is time for action…

We need to work on ourselves constantly. We need to learn as much as our head allows us and we need to participate in as many activities as necessary. This is the development, this is getting closer to your goals and this means you have a lot of new skills that will push you further.

Oh, I forgot one of my biggest plans for this year is to do something good for my “aging” (huh) skin. I want to buy myself for a first time high quality anti-aging line and my favorite so far is Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty line. Anyone has got some experience with this one? I would appreciate some advice. 😉

Do not hesitate and keep yourself going no matter what. That is the life!

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