I am sure everyone has experienced some disappointment when it comes to relationships. As we grow up we experience first disappointment when we realize that our parents are not so perfect as we believed. We start to see things we haven’t before and we have to cope with that. Usually we lose trust in our parents and start to think that we will solve problems better on our own. But you know what’s funny? I have been living in this stage for at least 10 years and now I am starting to see things more from my parents’ perspective and I can actually understand their actions much better! It probably comes on its own with maturing and life experience. I can see on my little sister that she hasn’t reached that point yet and I already fear how my kids will look at me, when they will enter that stage of “I will be better than my parents” :D. Right now I think, I am still not ready for this from my kids (I do not have any yet), because I am still too fierce to take it so wisely and calmly as a parent.

Anyway, another disappointment comes with your first love or with some closer relationships. You trust one person above all and then one day things turn around completely and you find yourself wondering: “why?!!!! why I fought with people around me for telling me the truth about this person? They are right actually, he has been behaving bad to me since the beginning, I just couldn’t see it!”

But why is that happening? Normally we have well developed intuition or let’s say instinct when it comes to making friends or at least feel some kind of sympathy. But in relationships (love) we are able to fall in the trap of person we do not like, we would not choose as our friend. I am sure you have experienced that feeling of watching someone super annoying in your surrounding, someone completely different than you, someone arrogant, asshole, selfish and yet with such a charm that you feel super attracted to him/her and feel possessed with thinking about this person. And you want this person even more when he/she is absolutely unreachable for you.

Funny, isn’t it?  

What happened to our intuition then?

I think at those moments we get clear evidence of our animal basis…we just want to reproduce with some alpha-strong leader character and that’s it, because we are aware, we cannot stand him close for too long. Because once we catch his/her eye and we feel secure about having all the attention, this person will lose all that charm for us…and then what will be left…only someone, who you would not like even as a friend.Image

Think about it next time when wanting to tame another unicorn! Tamed unicorn=pretty horse with speciaaaaaaaal requirements!






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