Special connection between siblings

I told you in my first post that I would like to write things as they are. I think, you would appreciate to hear first little bit about my life to be able to say whether my thoughts are correct or not.

I mean, since this blog should be focused on relationships between people I should mention that I have one younger sister and younger half brother. We have amazing and very close relationship together. Our parents raised us the way to trust and rely on each other. They kept saying anytime we had some fight that one day my siblings can be the only person here for me.

It didn’t take much longer when I realized this truth on my own and I am very thankful for this to my parents. Basically, people around you are changing all the time. As you grow older, your friends are moving to new places, living with people you don’t know and having their own lives. At some point you are getting separated from all of those who grew up with you and it’s your turn to take that step into unknown future.

Soon, you find yourself overwhelmed by that big world full of people and you learn how to build more your intuition, when it comes to trust to other people or share of some sympathies. You build around you new circle of people and let them influence you, but in case some other “violent/unexpected” changes occur in your life, you realize that 90% of those people will not stick  close to you anymore…you will see that only a few of precious friends from childhood will be there for you always and no matter how often you see each other, or that your siblings are the ones who do not need any explanations or long time to think. They will always help you and will be there no matter what you have done.

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