Welcome to my women’s perpective!

Hello everyone out there in the jungle of internet!


I have decided to start my own little blog about women’s perception/my perception of the world and the problem solving differences between men and women. The reason behind that is the common misunderstanding between different genders. I am not perfect and to be honest my reactions are many times wrong ones, but I would like to find some buddies here, who would like to become my friends and discuss with me the issues of difficult human communication.

I would say that our life hangs only on socializing in every aspect and even the most solitary person cannot live on this planet without certain interaction with other people. We need relationships, we need other living creatures, we need to give and to receive something as the exchange. These are the laws of living.

I hope you will be able to see yourself in some of my posts or be able to give me advice regarding some troublesome situations. I want to write things honestly as they are and as I feel…

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